Design Systems for Agencies: The benefits of creating a shared language

Design systems have been a very popular topic over the past few years and for good reason. The benefits of aligning the broader team around shared principles and ways of working really are compelling.

For the design and development process in particular, Design Systems provide efficiencies to the team's workflow; a shared way of working enables diverse teams to approach problems in the same way (without adding as much design and technical debt).

And while this is a natural fit for larger product teams, what I've found as a designer within an agency, is that we share a lot of the same problems.

In this presentation I'll be speaking about Design Systems from an agency's perspective. The presentation aims to demonstrate the benefits of establishing your own design system framework and getting teams to speak the same language.

I'll be sharing my experience around the big problems we're solving with our system (along with some practical tips along the way).

This is a topic I'm particularly passionate about as I've always been agency-side have always advocated for streamlining the processes between designers and developers.

Session time