The New Zealand Government Design System and Sector Drupal 8

The public alpha for the design system for New Zealand public sector websites is up and running - Now’s the time to look into options to provide the components in a Drupal-compatible format - which isn't part of the alpha yet - and to look into how Sector can help bridge the gap.

This talk is in three parts. In Part 1, we'll go over what a design system is, why it needs to be about more than design and code, and why you might need one. In Part 2, we'll have a look at public sector design systems and introduce the New Zealand Design System Alpha. And in Part 3, we'll talk about our Drupal approach and a roadmap for Sector with the design system components included in the Starter Kit or as a Sector add-on. We'll look at themes, Twig, text filters, WYSIWYG templates, style drop-downs, and more - and we hope to hear your ideas as well! 

Session time