The Skpr Keynote: Michelle Mannering

Michelle Mannering (MishManners), Developer Community Manager at GitHub.

Mish is a highly motivated, curious and compassionate leader with a keen interest in driving entrepreneurial culture and pioneering Melbourne’s esports industry. She's founded several tech companies and, as a result, sits at the forefront of this city’s science, tech, esports and startup scenes.

Everyday we see Mish creating awesome experiences and engaging with the vibrant GitHub developer community. She's run many hackathons - over 70, and is an accomplished MC, speaker, and facilitator. You'll often catch Mish at an event or speaking on stage!

In her 'spare' time she's a streamer, journalist, and always working on something exciting. Right now, her latest epic venture is Raine Scooters. The team has designed and created an electric scooter to put the fun in your daily commute ⚡🛴

Michelle will be talking about DevOps and Collaboration: How Devs and non-Devs can work better together.

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