Building an API with GraphQL 4

Time: Wednesday 17th May 15:00-15:30
Room: Track 1
Track: Drupal Development

The GraphQL Drupal module provides a powerful out-of-the-box toolkit for writing GraphQL APIs backed by Drupal. There are also some great docs on how to get started and how to write some basic schemas and data producers.

However, with such a powerful toolkit, it can be hard to get your head around the concepts and how the puzzle pieces fit together, especially once you start getting into more complex content modeling.

In this session we'll cover:
- How to kickstart your GraphQL API
- The fundamentals of the module's architecture and how to write your own maintainable data producers.
- How to write secure Mutations to Create, Update, and Delete content on your site.
- A sneak peek into how to integrate all of this into a decoupled React app


Adam Bramley
Hailing from the land of the long white cloud, Adam has been working with Drupal since 2010 and has extensive expertise working with the public sector and higher education.

Adam now leads some of the largest Government Drupal projects in Australia and contributes back to Drupal core and contributed modules on a weekly basis.