Announcing the 2023 Drupal Local Development Survey Results

Time: Thursday 18th May 10:00-10:30
Room: Track 1
Track: Web Tools & Technologies

The Drupal Local Development Survey asks Drupal devs all over the world about the tools and processes they use when building amazing Drupal sites. It provides a fascinating insight into how Drupal sites get built and the people that build them. It's also really useful for web hosts and tool developers to build better solutions.

The survey used to be run by Jeff Geerling and Chris Urban in 2018 to 2020, but has been on a bit of a break. In 2023, it's back and has had a really amazing response.

The survey is open now and closing on April 17. We're hoping to share the results of this survey at Wellington for the first time. We'll answer questions like:

- How many people are working on headless Drupal sites?
- What's the most popular local environment manager?
- Do people still think they'll be working with Drupal a year from now?
- Which regions are still supporting Drupal 6 and 7 sites?
- What other PHP frameworks do Drupal devs use?
- How are Drupal devs testing the security of their sites?

And much, much more!


Michael Richardson
Mike is a co-founder of, a managed Drupal hosting provider specialising in mission-critical sites for government and enterprise. He's also Treasurer for the DrupalSouth Steering Committee, and co-organiser of the DrupalACT meetup in Canberra.
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