Vue JS for React JS developers and vice versa

Time: Wednesday 17th May 14:15-14:45
Room: Track 1
Track: Web Tools & Technologies

Developers can be a bit tribal at times, and when it comes to JavaScript frameworks, things can really get ugly.
But with the release of Vue 3, the differences between Vue and React might not be as big as you think.

In this session a React developer will share their experience building components with Vue 3's composition API and show the equivalent concepts from both frameworks in a way that should be familiar to developers familiar with either.

This session is for developers experienced in either React or Vue JS but curious about the grass on the other side of the fence.


Lee Rowlands
Lee (larowlan) has been contributing to Drupal for over 14 years ( Lee is a major Drupal 8/9/10 contributor, starting the #PatchADay campaign which saw him contribute one patch a day for almost two years. Lee is been part of the Drupal core committer team in the role of Framework Manager, a member of the Drupal security team and passionate about code quality. Lee has worked on several of Australia's largest Drupal sites during his 10 years as a Senior Developer with one of Australia's oldest Drupal agencies: PreviousNext.