Unlocking the Power of GraphQL in Drupal for Frontend Developers

Time: Thursday 18th May 13:45-14:15
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Drupal Development

Frontend and backend teams need to work together seamlessly to deliver effective digital experiences. However, often these teams have different tools and ways of working that can create friction and inefficiencies.

This is where GraphQL comes in, providing a flexible and intuitive query language that allows frontend developers to access the exact data they need from the backend.

In this talk, we'll explore how Drupal and GraphQL can work together to empower frontend developers with a sensible API using `graphql` 4.x and `graphql_compose`, how you can create simple and targeted schemas for your frontend developers.


Al Munnings
I have 15+ years experience on the "Integrated Agency" circuit. Throughout my career I've helped build systems and applications ranging from pubs to hospitals to Defence Force. As a current maintainer for the `graphql_compose` module, I'm keen on expanding awareness of Drupal and headless-hybrid capabilities.