Introduction to decoupled Drupal with a Gatsby frontend

Time: Wednesday 17th May 13:30-14:00
Room: Track 1
Track: Drupal Development

Decoupled Drupal has been quite abuzz, from centrally managed content, to multiple, swappable, fast and secure frontends. There are now several ways to decouple Drupal and we'll look at using the Gatsby ecosystem for the frontend.

We will step through the basic setup process using the module with the gatsby-source-drupal plugin and then I'll demo Drupal serving content and have Gatsby preview the frontend locally. (If the internet connection is working well, we'll try to build on Gatsby Cloud too).
This talk will best be suited to people who have never done this before, rather than for those who are already using this setup in production.

I have created a demo repo with a local DDEV (Docker) option with both front and backend ready to install.


Stewart West
Originally from Cape Town and now in Wellington, I am a full stack developer at Sparks Interactive. I love making music, surfing , sailing & hanging with friends. Happily married since 2005 and you'll know me by my smile.
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