How (anyone!) can get constructive user feedback.

Time: Wednesday 17th May 14:15-14:45
Room: Track 2
Track: User Experience & Content

This session goes through the basics of how to get constructive user feedback from your product users, even if you’ve never facilitated any research or user testing before. It goes through key aspects of the feedback session covering what to include, avoid and common mistakes. Below is a guide of the presentation structure.
1. Make it clear what's going to happen
- What’s the plan and what will happen with their feedback – create an information sheet.
- Get their consent.
- Introduce the session, the people, the format.
2. Building rapport
- Clear your mind and be present. Participants can tell when you are distracted and not listening fully and they won’t share as deeply.
- Help the participant to feel comfortable.
3. What questions to ask and to avoid
- Person first, product second.
- Understand their goal for using this product.
- What to avoid
-- Validation vs insight.
-- Closed question including examples.
-- Leading questions including examples.
4. How to respond
- Reflective & Curious listening, what are these and how to use these to get more insight.
- What to do when they ask you a question.
5. Wrapping up a session
- Genuine thank you and express how helpful they have been.
- Next steps what will happen from here with what they’ve shared.
6. Observers – who to invite and how to prep them.
- Don’t get too excited yet – things to be mindful of when inviting observers.
- Get 1-2 of your clients to join.
- Creating the space for an effective session – how to prepare observers for joining a session.
7. Note taking / recording
- Buddy-up – Take notes as you go (if you can!)
- Write some main dot-points or summary directly after the session.
- Capture the findings in a spreadsheet with headings and filters.
8. Practice where you can
- Start with people you know.


Zinzi Bianca Sullivan
Zinzi is the Head of User Experience at Technocrat a UX / Drupal development agency that delivers impressive results for government, agency and enterprise. Zinzi loves working closely with clients to help solve their customer/client problems through first hand research and testing, and helpful, accessible and user friendly design solutions.

Zinzi has over 7 years experience as a user experience researcher and designer. Zinzi's experience spans across agencies, in-house and government roles. Zinzi started off her career as a civil engineer and transitioned into the tech world to follow her creative passion.

Zinzi also has her own life coaching business helping women working in male led fields who experience self doubt and anxiety at work to feel calm, confident and get paid well.
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