LINZ & Charts Showcase: From Discovery and Designs, to Development and Delivery

Time: Wednesday 17th May 15:00-15:30
Room: Track 2
Track: Showcases & Project Management

In the middle of 2021, Sparks were tasked with rebuilding in Drupal 9, looking to replace the previous Drupal 7 website.

We'll cover the main build - matching like-for-like from Drupal 7 to Sector ( for Drupal 9, whilst working in an agile way: setting tasks to complete in fortnightly sprints, chopping and changing ideas and methodology to match updated thinking and opportunities.

Then thrown into the mix: another requirement, to rebuild a tool from scratch that previously existed within the LINZ website - With a different audience and requirements, it was clear that a second website would be needed.

We'll showcase how we did it, from discovery and designs, to development and delivery.


Jack Kilborn
I'm a senior Digital Producer working for Sparks Interactive. I've been working with Drupal for around 3 and a half years, and enjoy managing Drupal build projects, and seeing the ever expanding capabilities that we work with.

I live in Wellington with my partner and our 9 week old daughter :)
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