The road to zero friction testing - getting the most out of Drupal Testing Traits

Time: Thursday 18th May 10:00-10:30
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Drupal Development

Every project of medium complexity should have at least some automated tests to ensure new features can be shipped without regressions. However for those new to testing or testing with Drupal, it can be overwhelming knowing where and how to start.

In this session we'll look at some real world approaches from large client projects that make writing new tests a breeze. With some basic foundations in place adding new tests can become smooth like butter.

Covered in the session:
* Getting setup with Drupal Testing traits
* Writing your first test
* Building a library of project specific traits
* Maximising test-suite performance and reliability
* The benefits of fostering a test-focused culture within your development team


Michael Strelan
Michael is a seasoned developer with almost 15 years experience working with Drupal. In this time he has worked on a wide variety of projects across industries such as government, education and healthcare. Michael contributes to the Drupal community via participation in the Bug Smash Initiative, contributing to core and issue queues and maintaining a handful of modules.