Next level Search API

Time: Thursday 18th May 13:00-13:30
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Drupal Development

Large organisations can have complex search requirements. Many great SaaS search solutions exist, but sometimes the flexibility of implementing your own Search API based search can solve the exact problems you face.
In this session we'll explore some of the lesser known or "enterprise" features that can extend Search API. These include things like:
* Fast and fuzzy client-side search with Lunr.js.
* Hands off managed search with AWS OpenSearch.
* Allowing multiple Drupal sites, and in multiple Drupal versions, to be searched seamlessly from one search interface.
* Search result faceting over the same field multiple times with different filters, in a single query!


Saul Willers
Senior Backend Developer @ PreviousNext, Saul's worked professionally with Drupal for 14 years, and another 8 years before that in web development. Inspired by the Drupal community Saul help found Drupal Chile and Drupal Gold Coast.