I thought you'd said you'd written the tests!?

Time: Thursday 18th May 11:00-11:30
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Drupal Development

Drupal tests for all those developers who thought about or were told to write tests, but never got around to it. Drupal testing with phpunit now includes browser testing, and if you are brave, also javascript tests. This presentation covers all the steps involved in setting up tests for your development environment for a website with reasonably complex access rules and then running those tests as a foundation to building on github using circleci.
1. creating phpunit.xml
2. writing and debugging tests involving multiple modules and a site build
3. creating schema.yml
4. writing browser tests and using chromedriver
5. viewing browser_output and debugging tests
6. setting up browser tests in circleci
This presentation showcases an actual project


Kent Shelley
Full time Drupal developer since 2008. Worked for small business and Enterprise. Enterprise includes Chorus NZ, Pfizer Aus, Police NZ, Worksafe Aus. Worked as contractor for Fuzion NZ, Waxeye NZ, Communica NZ, Sparks NZ, Technocrat Aus and many others