Scanning the New Zealand Government ecosystem. How popular is Drupal in the land of the long white cloud?

Time: Wednesday 17th May 12:00-12:30
Room: Track 2
Track: Showcases & Project Management

Have you ever wondered how popular Drupal is in your local region and at the National Government level? This talk will answer that question, using open source tooling. The hope is that you gain some insight to the relative popularity of Drupal and appreciate more the impact you and Drupal have in New Zealand.

This session will include:

* How to get a list of every government web site in New Zealand
* How to determine what CMS they are using
* How to measure site impact
* Trends we are seeing at the national level, and by region
* Comparison to Australia
* Taking this tool further
* How to contribute


Sean Hamlin
Passionate about making awesome solutions to solve complex business problems. Based primarily in Wellington, and working with some of's most strategic customers in region and globally.