Creating the optimal editorial experience with Layout Builder

Time: Wednesday 17th May 12:00-12:30
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Drupal Development

Layout builder can be intimidating, and handing over the control of the presentation layer of a website can be a reason why people think twice before using Layout Builder. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Layout Builder has come a long way and in 2023, it doesn't need to be avoided.

This talk will cover modules that can be used to enhance and control the Layout Builder experience, and approaches we have taken to empower the content editorial experience for our editors while keeping the front end consistant.


Daniel Veza
Daniel Veza joined PreviousNext as a Drupal Developer in late 2021, having previously worked at Sparks Interactive in New Zealand as a Drupal Developer for 6 years.

Daniel has been an active part of the Drupal community since 2015, and led or been involved in building countless Drupal sites across the public and private sectors in both New Zealand and Australia.