CKEditor 5: One Small Step for Content Editor, One Giant Leap for Drupal

Time: Wednesday 17th May 11:15-11:45
Room: Track 2
Track: User Experience & Content

Introduction of CKEditor 5 to Drupal core has improved the content creation experience for website editors. The new version of rich text editor offers a more intuitive and modern interface than its predecessor. The complete rewrite of core features have made it easier to produce high-quality content with less effort.

Drupal configuration process has undergone some changes, and it is essential to understand how to configure the editor when building new and upgrading existing websites. We will kick off by configuring CKEditor 5 for Drupal 10 highlighting practical tips and gotchas.

Some functionality provided by contrib modules might not be available, so we will list top Drupal modules that are currently updated to support CKEditor 5 and how site builders can utilise them to improve the content creation. If a specific functionality is not available, site builders can contribute back by identifying the gaps and sharing the findings with the community.

The best for the last, demo of the editor's premium features enhancing functionality relevant to teams such as real-time collaboration, revision history, and comments.

Overall, the presentation will showcase the improvements brought to Drupal by CKEditor 5, the changes to configuration process, and the Drupal modules and premium features available to improve the editor's functionality and collaboration.


Vladimir Roudakov
Hi, I'm Vladimir. I am a Drupal developer and TAFE teacher from Brisbane, Australia.
I maintain popular Bootstrap 5 theme and number of Drupal modules.
I contribute to various technologies including Drupal, Bootstrap and Gitlab.
I organise Drupal Brisbane Meetup, DrupalCamp Byron Bay and DrupalSouth Gold Coast.
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