Secure by Design: Integrating Security into Development

Time: Wednesday 17th May 15:00-15:30
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Web Tools & Technologies

Cyber security (or lack of) has been covered extensively in the news. Hacker attacks range from bored school kids toying around to state-sponsored ransom-driven targeted strikes. As software engineers it’s our responsibility to incorporate cyber security best practices into the development cycle. In this presentation, I’ll provide a list of resources, best practices, tools and Drupal modules for designing and implementing a more secure Drupal web application and to prepare for penetration testing.



Janna Malikova
Janna is software engineer and frontend performance specialist from Brisbane, Australia. She makes web applications run fast and shares her knowledge with the world at local meetups and conferences. She is a co-maintainer for a number of open source projects and co-organiser of Drupal events in Australia.