Getting the most from your CI/CD experience

Time: Wednesday 17th May 12:00-12:30
Room: Track 1
Track: Web Tools & Technologies

In this talk, Karl will dive into a CI/CD maturity model which can evaluate how far you are into the DevOps experience.

We will dive into a complete end-to-end user story familiar to us all, from the start of adoption until being fully mature, and explore all the avenues of opportunity along the way.

Attendees will be able to evaluate their own CI/CD maturity and discover what might be in store for their journey next and into the future, and learn about some opportunities between where they are now, and where they can expect to arrive in the future.


Karl Hepworth
Karl Hepworth is a SysOps Engineer with over 8 years of experience in the field. He currently works for PreviousNext, helping with the development and management of the Skpr platform. Before that, Karl worked with the Australian Government Department of Finance on the GovCMS Drupal distribution and contributed to the knowledge and development of the Lagoon platform. It was around this time he became known for the redevelopment of the Pygmy project and maintains it to this day.

Karl's career as a SysOps engineer began at the Shared Services Centre, where he lead the development of a local development platform using Ansible, Vagrant, and Drupal VM. This platform allowed developers to manage and update production Drupal sites, as well as build local websites for development. All this and more were available to the team via a local instance of Jenkins.

Despite being an introvert, Karl enjoys attending conferences to meet and catch up with like-minded people. With a government background stretching back 11 years, Karl has a wealth of experience with Drupal and is passionate about leveraging technology to improve the efficiency of government services.
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