Uplifting content with AI: ChatGPT and NLP Cloud

Time: Thursday 18th May 11:45-12:15
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Web Tools & Technologies

The development and interest in AI technologies has exploded in recent months. AI is now mainstream and is being introduced to workflows at a rapid pace. ChatGPT has captured the public’s imagination and the recent release as a public API has made it easily integrated into tech such as Drupal. OpenAI isn’t the only game in town with many other services such as NLP Cloud offering compelling AI services which can also be integrated into Drupal.

This presentation will review the recent advancements in generative AI and demonstrate how they can be used in the context of Drupal to provide assistance to editors and creators in Drupal as they carry out their editorial tasks. ChatGPT offers new and improved capabilities over GPT3 for summarising and generating content. NLP Cloud offers a suite of services which can analyse and process text in a variety of ways. Together they form a formidable team capable of uplifting content.

The session will provide practical steps for implementing AI into Drupal. The following open source modules will be demonstrated in this presentation:
- Augmentor: AI ecosystem for Drupal
- ChatGPT Augmentor
- NLP Cloud Augmentor

By the end of the presentation, the audience should have a grasp of the following:
- Site owners: How AI can be safely integrated into a site.
- Editors: A stack of ideas for how their workflow can be improved.
- Site builders: Modules to install and how to wire together an AI implementation using open source code and SaaS integrations..

This presentation is suitable for anyone who wants to find out more about what this AI thing is all about. The main audiencewould be for site owners and editors to show some of the possibilities with AI. The future is now here.


Murray Woodman
Murray Woodman is a long time contributor to the Drupal community and the Managing Director at Morpht, a Sydney based Drupal development company. Murray’s interests include the semantic web, content modelling, personalisation and AI. Most recently he has been working on a number of modules integrating AI services into Drupal.

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Murray regularly speaks on the subjects of personalisation, distributions, content modelling, paragraphs and site building.
Sydney Drupal Organiser
Regular speaker at Drupal meetups and Camps since 2010.
Regular speaker at Drupal South and DrupalGov (Australia) since 2010.
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