Using Drupal for Rules as Code projects in NZ and Australia

Time: Thursday 18th May 14:45-15:15
Room: Track 2
Track: Showcases & Project Management

Phillipa and Suchi worked on two projects in 2022 that combined Drupal and Rules as Code (RaC).
This presentation will provide a quick overview of both projects, before moving into the technical solution. Salsa built an OpenFisca Drupal module to integrate OpenFisca with a Drupal webform. This was built for a GovCMS (Australia) proof of concept that focused on some of the rules around COVID-19 vaccination. Users were taken through a series of questions to find out if they were up-to-date with their COVID vaccinations and if they needed to be vaccinated to work in their industry. The GovCMS proof of concept was completed in September 2022.
This module was then customised for BenefitMe, which is an RaC project focused on codifying New Zealand’s Social Security Act.
The webform allows users to enter information that’s then sent to OpenFisca. The webform also includes conditional logic, so new questions are displayed depending on the user’s previous responses. We also built custom blocks to display the eligibility results and calculation logic (how much someone was eligible to) after the form is submitted. The alpha version of was launched in mid December 2022.
Our presentation will cover:
A brief intro on RaC and the two projects above
A quick overview of the process of turning legislation into RaC
A more detailed look at how Drupal has been used in both projects and the Drupal module
Creating a frontend experience for the GovCMS PoC and BenefitMe


Phillipa Martin
Phillipa has over 25 years’ experience as a corporate writer and editor, with a specialisation in online writing. She’s written blogs, website content, brochures, articles for corporate magazines, video scripts, training scripts, and multimedia displays. Phillipa also has extensive experience as a speaker and trainer. She’s a published author and holds a Doctor of Philosophy in creative writing.
Phillipa currently works at Salsa Digital as a content strategist, project manager and Rules as Code (RaC) business analyst. She moved into the emerging field of RaC in 2022, working on an Australian/New Zealand project called BenefitMe, which is working towards codifying NZ’s Social Security Act. She’s also worked as a business analyst on a Salsa Digital RaC proof of concept for GovCMS.
Phillipa is based in Australia.
Additional speakersSuchi Garg
Suchi is Salsa Digital’s Technical Manager, responsible for technical leadership across Drupal projects. She’s been working on RaC at Salsa specialising in integrating Drupal with open source RaC software OpenFisca.
She has over 25 years’ experience in web development, including over 20 years in the open source web development environment. She’s held a variety of senior roles, working at companies such as Accenture, Acquia and Axelerant.
In these roles she led multi-functional teams across backend and frontend development and QA, focusing on best practice to deliver quality technical solutions. In addition she has extensive expertise leading Drupal migrations.
Suchi is also a Drupal trainer and is very active in the Drupal community, participating as a speaker and volunteer track lead for DrupalCons and local Drupal Camps.
Suchi is based in Australia.