Automate your tests so you can spend more time drinking coffee

Time: Thursday 18th May 11:45-12:15
Room: Track 2
Track: Web Tools & Technologies

Deployments can be a nightmare, especially when you're the only developer available to test multiple websites. It's not uncommon to miss critical issues when you're under pressure, and human error can be costly. But with Cypress, you can eliminate these risks and make testing a breeze. In this talk, we'll explore how Cypress can help you test the front-end and back-end of your Drupal site, saving you valuable time and effort. Say goodbye to manual testing and hello to more coffee breaks and problem-solving time!


Mel Stubbings
Mel Stubbings is a seasoned lead developer with over a decade of experience in web development. Mel is a skilled professional who has an excellent track record of delivering successful projects. Her deep understanding of web technologies, combined with her problem-solving skills, allows her to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of her clients.
Her passion lies in technology and helping others save time so they can enjoy the better things in life.