Securing your Drupal projects with Essential 8: Scanning Tools & Compliance Strategies

Time: Wednesday 17th May 14:15-14:45
Room: Main Theatre
Track: Drupal Development

This talk highlights the crucial importance of complying with the Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8. As developers, attendees are not only responsible for ensuring the security and reliability of their Drupal projects but also for adhering to government regulations to protect against cyber threats.

Drawing on the presenter's experience with a Federal Government Client - Fair Work Commission, the talk will provide valuable insights into the challenges involved in achieving compliance with Essential 8. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the tools and strategies that can be leveraged to maintain project security and compliance, including the approach deemed acceptable by the client.

Compliance with Essential 8 is a necessary step towards safeguarding against cyber threats, and developers have a responsibility to ensure that their projects are secure and compliant. Attending the talk will provide attendees with valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity compliance, enabling them to better protect their Drupal projects and contribute to creating a safer online environment.


Daynis Olman
On for 12 years 6 months - I started my journey building small Drupal websites for local businesses in Tasmania and overtime grew my skillset and experience working on variety of Drupal projects including the Australian Department of Defence, Australia Tax Office, Department of Education, Australia Communication and Media Authority, WorkSafe Victoria, and Jenny Craig E-Commerce and so many others.

I'm currently engaged in a role of Drupal Practice Lead at Hide and Seek Digital and I specialise in managing decentralised Drupal development teams, architecting solutions in AWS and Azure, and developing complex Drupal solutions for State and Federal Government clients in Australia.