The Recipe for Enduring and Meaningful Workplace Relationships

Time: Wednesday 17th May 13:45-14:00
Room: Track 2
Track: Showcases & Project Management

According to a recent survey, only 38 percent of respondents feel that leaders in their organisation take proactive steps to create a positive workplace culture. In fact, a toxic work culture is one of the main reasons people leave their jobs, ranking even higher than seeking better pay.
While some of us can talk about a positive work environment they have experienced, many more of us have found ourselves on teams where we feel undermined and unappreciated. As employees, managers, or even clients, what can we do to create and maintain better places to work?
In this presentation I will provide the ingredients and recipe for building a strong workplace culture and how this impacts client relationships. We will delve into what turns a workplace sour and how to tell when it’s happening. We will also discuss how to counteract an office culture headed in the wrong direction and provide a set of ingredients to build a better team environment.
We will also describe in detail how to deftly handle the most challenging parts of a job: setting boundaries, saying no, and giving and accepting criticism.


Julia Topliss
Julia’s career has included working in teams that have built sites for businesses of all sizes, not-for-profit organisations and some of Australia’s major institutions. She has experience delivering digital solutions for the arts, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and government sectors. As Head of Delivery at Morpht, Julia has led our team on many successful mission-critical launches, including many on the GovCMS platform.

Passionate about many things, always curious about what’s next; Julia likes nothing better than delivering the best project outcomes. Julia's interests include new technological trends, web accessibility/user experience, problem solving, collaborating with all stakeholders and implementing business efficiencies. When things get crazy, Julia gets calmer.