Drupal for Changemakers - past, present, future

Time: Thursday 18th May 13:45-14:15
Room: Track 2
Track: Showcases & Project Management

We attend events like this one to learn from one another and to be an active part of the Drupal community. Collaborating on projects together using Drupal is a great way to to achieve goals for ourselves and our employers. We know how having a team allows us to have different perspectives; enhanced problem solving; increased productivity; improved communication, the ability to learn from one another and it generally improves the chances of success and longevity of a project.

How about the non technical goals in our lives?
How can we build a community around what is important to us so we can work with many other people that have the same values?
How can use Drupal and other Open Technologies to achieve bigger things?

As technologists we hold the power and have the responsibility to make change by using what we are good at, Drupal, to join together with those that have the many other skills that we need.

This talk will be a case study of how we can make a big impact by taking small actions and do that by using Drupal with Open Social, We'll explore the way to create engaging social experiences

OpenSocial is a powerful framework for building social applications and widgets that can be integrated with various social networking platforms. It enables developers to create applications that are portable across multiple social networks, making it easier to reach a larger audience and build a thriving community.


Jaime Schmidt
Jaime Schmidt is a Drupal Developer and Delivery Manager at Ginger Robot.

Jaime has been working with Open Source web technologies for over 20 years and became a Drupal Developer in 2009. She has volunteered for Drupal South by speaking in 2011 and being a track chair in 2019. Jaime likes to contribute to the Drupal Community in her spare time as much as possible whether that is writing code, testing patches on Drupal.org. attending conferences and local events and helping provide support to those that have questions.

Living in regional Victoria, Jaime is passionate about making sure people living outside of major populations have access to Open Technologies. Jaime wants to help empower under represented people in regional communities to use Drupal & Linux so they can realise their aspirations, not be left behind and so we are making sure to get the full potential out of everyone possible. Jaime encourages everyone to choose & use more open concepts when it comes to Social Media and AI as well.