Volunteer Event Team

DrupalSouth would not be possible without the incredible efforts of our volunteers who have helped organise and run it! While it's rarely obvious to conference attendees, the hundreds of hours of time they've contributed helps keep ticket prices lower and maintain the community spirit that's such a huge part of Drupal.

Our thanks to:

Campbell Tilley: Lead Organiser & Ticketing Manager

Enzo Garcia: Co-Lead Organiser

Si Hobbs: Treasurer

Sharon Manickaraj: Sponsorship Manager

Vladimir Roudakov: Track Chair & Backend Track Lead

Feb Dao: Frontend Track Lead & Website Manager

Marji Cermak: DevOps Track Lead

Fonda Le: Project Management Track Lead

Janna Malikova: UX & Design Track Lead

Jaime Schmidt: Showcases Track Lead

Owen Lansbury: Keynote Coordinator & Registration

Jay Friendly: Track Team Coordinator

Rosie Gooch: Camera Lead, Swag Manager & Registration

Margery Tongway: Marketing & Floor Manager

Navdeep Kaur: Website Assistance & Registration 

Kate Hogden: Floor Manager

Ivan Zugec: Camera Lead & Registration

Daniel Nitsche: Registration