Alex Matthews: Life after Drupal 7: Big questions for an NZ election policy platform

This is a case study of, a Drupal 7 site that just keeps on giving! Originally developed for a client as an independent platform outlining the policies of candidates in the 2017 NZ election, the system has undergone significant ongoing development, and was subsequently repurposed for the NZ Local Body elections in 2019, the Belgian Federal MMP Election 2019, and most recently the 2020 NZ Election. 

It encompasses a very sophisticated Drupal back end and is an excellent demonstration of Drupal doing what it's best at - i.e. very complex content modelling, content loading/editing, extensibility/formability and all-the-while giving the user the impression of a simple website which is easy to use.

A big decision now needs to be made on whether to upgrade it to Drupal 9 for the next NZ election, rebuild it from scratch or look at entering into legacy support for Drupal 7. This session will look at the challenges many similar Drupal platforms are facing and the cost-benefits of each potential approach.

Audience: Business Managers, Project Managers, Content Editors, Developers.

Alex Matthews profile photoBio: Alex organises the Wellington Drupal Meetups (going back to 2012) and also helps oversee development and ongoing support of New Zealand's Drupal community site, CEO of Xequals, a digital agency, and CEO of Frost Flame Games, a game design company.

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