About the Community Day 2023

DrupalSouth Community Day will be a single day event focussing on Drupal use across the community (private and public sector, of any distribution).

This event has recently been promoted as DrupalGov Dev Day, and DrupalGov Community Day.

The day will begin with a Welcome and Introduction to the day, followed by one morning session across four tracks. There is then an hour for a catered lunch and catching up with colleagues. We’ll have a second afternoon session across four new topics. The day will conclude with an networking event held at the venue from 2.30pm-4.30pm.

The sessions begin with a brief round of introductions from the participants, then a 20-30 minute presentation/discussion from the Session Lead. Participants will work through practical tasks to explore the issue further and look at ways to resolve or progress. When the Session descriptions are posted there’ll be more guidance on then topics and tasks to be tackled, and requirements – for example if laptop is advised for a coding exercise or contribution, or if there’ll be a worksheet handed out to be completed.

The day will be a success when we start conversations across teams and between organisations, and start working together to solve common issues. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

Suggested topics

From community discussion and feedback, our initial suggested topics were:

  • Advanced development - modern/headless
  • Advanced development - tooling
  • Basic to Intermediate site building and configuration
  • Contributing to Drupal
  • Future roadmap including AI
  • Preparing for content migrations
  • Security and compliance
  • Team communication (bridging the gap between developers and non-developers)

If you have something else you want to share, that wpould be great for this community, email chair@drupalsouth.org. Thanks!