DrupalSouth Brisbane 2022 speaker resources

This page is a listing of the resources available for speakers presenting at DrupalSouth 2022.

Speaker Presentation Templates

Speakers can download branded slide deck.


If you choose not to use the branded slides, we request that you include the following slides in your presentation:

  • title slide
  • speaker slide
  • contribution day reminder slide
  • feedback slide


 Presentation Accessibility Resources



 Presentation Preparation Timeline

We recommend to use the following schedule when you are preparing your presentation.

  • 21 Sep - Session schedule published.
  • 30 Sep - You are expected to start the session preparation. Session outline and agenda should be ready.
  • 07 Oct - You should send session draft slides to you track chair.
  • 14 Oct - Track chair will offer feedback on your slide deck. Final draft of the session should be available.


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Does your conference have a Code of Conduct?

Yes! All speakers have agreed to our Code of Conduct when submitting a session as part of our Speaker Agreement. You can find our full conference Code of Conduct here on our website.

 How long are sessions?

Session length: 35 minutes. The Q&A portion of each presentation should fit into that time limit.        
There was an error in earlier newsletters about session length, however Call for papers form and confirmation email stated 35 minutes session format.    
Note, only one sessions on the first day contains two short talks (Ballroom 2, 11am).

 How are speakers compensated?

Selected sessions will receive ONE complimentary ticket to the event.     
Additional speakers will receive an opportunity to purchase tickets at a special price.

 Is there a speaker area or storage area?

Guests can leave luggage with the front desk or concierge. They're super organised.

 Technical details

Each room would have HD projector, powerpoint and microphone (podium or wireless).
HDMI male cable is provided. If you have different outputs (e.g. USB-C), make sure you carry the converter/adapter or arrange one.
For recording purposes:

  • consider using single laptop per presentation
  • familiarise yourself how to output 1080p30 or 720p30 format as some recording devices would require scaled down resolution
  • today you will receive Google Chat link which you need to access prior to presentation and share your screen and sound during the presentation (for backup recording)
  • let us know if you do not want your session to be recorded
  • additional wireless clip on microphone might be used (depending on the room)