Information for speakers

In the lead up to DrupalGov 2020 your track leads will be on hand to review and assist you with your talk preparation. The following resources and checkpoint dates are available.

Call for papers

Call for papers is now closed! You can view the chosen sessions in our session list

Before the event

EventsAir Speaker Demo

On the day

  • Note the time and virtual room of your talk once the schedule is published
  • Be ready, connected, and online in the 'room' or 'backstage' for main stage presentations when the prior talk finishes so that you have ~10 minutes to set up
  • Your track lead will help you moderate audience questions at the end of your talk
  • Ensure you have your PC or laptop with a fast internet connection and logged into the event hosting platform - more details to come soon
  • Ensure you have a good quality microphone and quiet room when presenting

General presentation tips

  • Main stage has a 'backstage' function so you can log in and prep before going live and speak with the track lead
  • Make sure you are looking at the camera throughout the presentation - not at a screen on the side.
  • Small 'session' rooms will host all other presentations
  • Storyboard a draft structure to get the talk flow right before filling in content
  • Use approximately 1 slide per minute as a timing gauge, i.e. ~20 slides for 20 minutes
  • Use bullet points and visuals in preference to large slabs of text 
  • Avoid videos that have sound, as this may or may not be possible to broadcast on the day
  • Have a pre-recorded backup for any live demos and a clear fallback in the talk if it fails
  • Avoid jargon and explain technical terms in plain English for the broadest possible understanding
  • Focus on benefits - e.g. “I did it this way for this benefit.”
  • Match your delivery to the topic and mood of the room and use audience-appropriate humour
  • Speak clearly into the microphone, and check the audience can hear you properly if you’re unsure
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Technical information

  • Main stage presentations will be recorded
  • Some other sessions might be recorded - this will be confirmed by each session host on the day
  • Screen format: 16:9