2020. That was epic! A tale of gargantuan scale.

Presented by: Nathan Wall, Head of GovCMS, Department of Finance
Length: 30 minutes

In GovCMS change is inevitable, but 2020 has been, well, challenging. The end of summer was like most others. Kids back to school. Making the most of those warm evenings. And then news broke of a virus causing alarm in China. Fast forward to March.

 “Look at this traffic.”

“That can’t be right, check it again.”

“187,000 concurrent users -  no way!”

“It’s not an error.” [Silence] 

“Confirmed it’s legit traffic.” [Audible gasp, #%&@] “This is not a drill.”

[Sounds of footsteps running]

[War room doors opening]

 Let me take you on a journey of reflection, fast iteration, and the ride of our lives…