An analysis of Government sites in Australia

Presented by: Murray Woodman, Morpht
Level: Beginner
Length: Full 20 minutes

This session will present data and results for an analysis of Government sites in Australia. Sites will be assessed on accessibility, performance, SEO and technologies used. A comparative approach will be taken across the areas of platform, jurisdiction and use of design systems.

The presentation will examine the following questions amongst others:

  • Has the Australian Government Design System had a measurable impact on quality?
  • Does GovCMS SaaS lead to better outcomes to GovCMS PaaS?
  • How do Federal, State and Local jurisdictions compare?
  • How does Australia compare to other countries?
  • Where is there the most innovation?
  • What technologies are in use?
  • What are some exemplary sites in Australia?

The talk will be well suited to anyone who is after a high level and quantitative view of Government sites. This would tend to be policy makers, platform owners and agencies.