Applying Agile in real-world scenarios

Presented by: David Scott, Doghouse Agency
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes

The concept of Agile versus the reality of effectively applying the methodology in real-world scenarios can meet significant challenges. Public and private sector agencies look to Agile as the new standard as its principles and terminology become part of the product development vernacular. Wrongly applying the framework in environments with the inability to adapt to Agile can have detrimental effects on trust, throughput, and ultimately the success of the project.

Bringing stakeholders on-board who haven't had in-depth exposure to Agile is a particular challenge in government, where the traditional view of rigorous, risk-averse project governance focuses on defining scope and a solution upfront. How do you build trust and confidence in the process of discovery, ideation and the rigour behind it?

This presentation will share how using radical transparency, clear expectations and a shared understanding are keys to a successful Agile delivery within the familiar constraints of the vendor-client relationship, the government sector, and real-world budget limitations.