Documentation is like a plant - you need to tend to it!

Presented by: Alanna Burke,
Level: Beginner
Length: Full 20 minutes

Documentation is often the part of a project or organization that gets ignored or left behind. At best, it’s created as a deliverable and then set aside to collect dust, never updated, amended, or edited. But documentation is a living thing! It’s like a plant, you need to water it and tend to it and keep it alive!

In this session, we’ll talk about how to tend to your documentation, and how to keep it alive. We’ll discuss strategies for defining ownership of your documentation, creating a culture around documentation, and some tips and tricks for keeping your documentation fresh and up to date.

We’ll go over why documentation is so important, and how to get buy-in from stakeholders who don’t understand why hours need to be dedicated to this important task. If you’re an agency working with government clients, you should get them involved in the documentation creation and prioritization process to ensure a smooth handover - avoid any last-minute panic!

You’ll come away from this session with strategies to start prioritizing your documentation both internally and as a partnership with your clients, and with a list of actionable steps to take to get started writing or improving your documentation today.