Drupal Security Panel

Presented by: Kim Pepper, PreviousNext - sponsored by Skpr
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes

Security has always been a concern for government websites. Given the recent rise in cyber attacks and subsequent media attention, securing your Drupal site is now more important than ever.

But what should we be doing to increase security? What are the best practices now and what things should we be thinking of doing in the future?

Come and join our panel of experts as we discuss the current state of cybersecurity from both the application and hosting layers. Hosted by PreviousNext Technical Director, Kim Pepper, you will have an opportunity to ask your most important questions.

The Panelists are:

Nick Santamaria (nicksanta): Nick is a Senior DevOps Engineer at the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. He spent his early career specialising in Drupal, eventually focusing on cloud native technologies such as AWS, Kubernetes, and Terraform. He has a special interest in Drupal security and has spoken at several Drupal conferences on secrets management, encryption, and securing Drupal on Kubernetes.

Lee Rowlands (larowlan): Lee has been working with Drupal for 12 years, 9 of those as Senior Drupal Developer with PreviousNext working on some of Australia's largest Drupal projects. On the community side, he is a top 10 core contributor, core framework manager, maintainer of around 30 contrib projects, member of the security team and regular speaker at Drupal South events.

Joseph Zhao (pandaski): Joseph is part of the less visible team from the Department of Finance who works behind the scenes to keep GovCMS distributions stable and secure. As a provisional member of the Drupal security team, Joseph also contributes his knowledge to improve the security of the Drupal project.