Securing and Scaling Drupal with Kubernetes Panel

Presented by: Salim Lakhani, DevPanel - sponsored by DistrictCMS
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes

Is Kubernetes the latest buzz word or does it actually have any benefits? What is Kubernetes? Why are companies using it? See why GovCMS and DistrictCMS use Kubernetes. Learn why hosting platforms and consulting companies are using Kubernetes and how you can get started with Kubernetes too.

The Panelists are:

Salim Lakhani is an Ambassador with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ( and heads up the meetup. He is also the CEO at, a security and compliance focused development and hosting platform.

Development manager at Doghouse Agency and technical architect for District CMS, I have been developing and tinkering with Drupal and everything related for well over a decade. I mentor, invent and improve whenever I get a chance. I'm a big fan of open source and have contributed to many open source projects including Kodi, where I designed and developed the application web interface, logo and the public website.

Scott is a System Engineer with where he works with a global team on the Kubernetes-based open source hosting platform, Lagoon. Scott's background is in Unix systems software development and administration, with a focus on GNU/Linux, containers and Kubernetes.

Nick Schuch is the Operations Lead at Previousnext and architect for the cloud hosting platform, Skpr. Driven and passionate about technology, Nick is an experienced developer with a deep knowledge of running Drupal on cloud native infrastructure.