Backend Development

Presented by: Swati Garg, Accenture
Level: Novel Topic - suits all levels
Length: Lightning (less than 10 minutes)

I would like to present decoupled Drupal architecture in our project WSV. Designing and customising Content API for meeting client requirements along with some of the challenges which we face working in a decoupled JSON:API and nested paragraph approach.

Presented by: Ridhima Abrol & Sujeet Verma, Srijan Technologies
Level: Beginner
Length: Full 20 minutes

Presented by: Samuel Becker, PreviousNext
Level: Intermediate
Length: Lightning (less than 10 minutes) 

If adding a Solr server to your projects sometimes feels like hitting a thumb tack with a sledgehammer, this session is for you. I'll be covering how to integrate Lunr.js into Drupal for a fast, fuzzy and entirely client-side search solution. The session will cover: