Front-end Development

Presented by: Anthony Comben, PreviousNext
Level: Beginner
Length: Lightning (less than 10 minutes)

So you've done the hard yards, your site is looking pretty. You open up your dev tools, fire up a performance check and the result is yellow - or even worse, red! Let's fix that!

This talk will cover some top performance issues to tackle before launching a site, with techniques on both the front-end and Drupal side that will leave your site feeling snappy, and your clients happy.

Presented by: Stuart Clark, Realityloop
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes

DruxtJS is an open source bridge between two Frameworks, NuxtJS and Drupal, with the ability to leverage Drupal’s own Entity/Field display system, Block regions, Views and more.

As the project nears maturity, Realityloop’s Brian and Stuart seek to engage with the web development communities at large to ensure that DruxtJS can meet the growing needs of users and developers.

In this session we will demonstrate:

Presented by: Jack Taranto, PreviousNext
Level: Advanced
Length: Full 20 minutes

Javascript development advances virtually each week but Drupal 9 still ships with the same Javascript API as Drupal 7 (more or less). Let's look at how to modernise our approaches to writing Javascript in Drupal including: how to say a well overdue good bye to jQuery and Drupal.behaviors, rolling your own ES6 code splitting build process, and using React and other frameworks to drive interactive components within a standard Drupal site.

Presented by: Yi Jiang, ABS
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes