An ambitious digital experience platform for the future of Australia's government

Geoscience Australia (GA) has commissioned the development of a consolidated Drupal-based platform that aims to shape the future of the Australian government's digital presence. The pilot site for Digital Earth Australia launched in August 2021 with more scheduled in the coming months.

We'll cover the challenges with Geoscience Australia's legacy systems as well as its program, project, and platform goals to guide the advanced framework including consolidation, consistency, and lower cost of ownership.

Geoscience Australia's new decoupled platform leverages a Vue.js design system, GovCMS Drupal 9 CMS hosting, NuxtJS and GitHub Actions middleware, Algolia search, and QuantCDN static asset hosting. We'll go through the tech stack and how each piece fits into the full architecture to create a flexible, resilient, scalable, secure, and performant platform for GA's modern digital presence.

Kristen and Stuart from Salsa Digital will discuss the project's challenges and wins as well as how this leading-edge platform aims to impact the Australian government's digital future.

Audience: Business Decision Makers, Front End Developers, Back End Developers

Kristen Pol profile photoBio - Kristen Pol: Kristen has over 20 years technical experience specializing in web, search engine optimization, and software application architecture and programming, including more than 17 years Drupal experience. As the founder and co-founder of multiple tech companies, her extensive leadership experience includes various roles as technical lead, architect, project manager, product manager, engineering manager, and CTO.

Stuart Rowlands profile photo

Bio - Stuart Rowlands: Stuart is CTO at Salsa Digital and has 20 years experience across a multitude of web technologies, frameworks, tools and libraries. As well as being the founder and director of multiple tech companies during his career, he also worked full time as a senior technical architect at Acquia, and was also full time for nine years at the University of Queensland as a senior systems programmer. He’s a highly experienced full-stack developer and tech team leader.