Sponsorship Information

Drupal is the open source platform for building ambitious digital experiences. By sponsoring DrupalSouth ‘Shorts’, you will be able to promote your expertise in Drupal and, as a result, align your agency as an expert in digital and web development.

Why sponsor?

  • Brand recognition
  • Talent recruitment
  • Support for the regional Drupal community
  • Networking opportunities

But if you're here reading this you might know all that already! What's new about the DrupalSouth Shorts format that makes this such a great deal:

  • Flexible packages with lower cost options 
  • Interact with audiences and showcase your expertise
  • Talk 1-on-1 or host small groups in Hallway, breakout and social sessions to connect with new people online

You'll also earn the gratitude of our awesome DrupalSouth community for your support!

Download our Sponsor Info pack or email events@drupalsouth.org to talk further!


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