Caching Gamification

In order to more easily explain caching and gather the information you need to know in one place, Sean Hamlin wrote a tool which analyses any URL and is able to score the site in terms of how well it is configured for caching. The intent is to promote better caching practices, and help educate people on the HTTP headers that matter.

This session will include:

  • Headers that impact caching
  • What are CDNs, and how do you best use them
  • How to test your caching is working
  • How the tool can help explain the current caching setup, and how to optimise it
  • Integration with Drupal, and how Drupal best practices can be instilled

The gamification layer will allow you to test your site against other sites, to see how well you stack up.

Audience: Back End Developers, System Administrators 

Sean Hamlin profile photoBio: A Technical Account Manager at, Sean began his career as a Customer Service Representative at NZ Inland Revenue, while studying Engineering at Massey University. This role led to a second position in Wellington, where he ultimately ended up joining the web team.

After working with Catalyst IT on Drupal projects, he joined the company and spent the next 4 years expanding his knowledge of Drupal and creating many successful projects.

Next, Sean joined the team at Acquia as a Technical Account Manager. Fast forward 5 years, he was one of Acquia’s Principal Technical Account Managers, looking after the largest customers in Asia Pacific.