Drupal as commodity software

We usually deal with Drupal as a backbone of a web project and almost always interact with it via a web socket. This talk will challenge some of the norms and assumptions, looking at Drupal not as a Content Management System but a commodity software product. Alexar explores alternative approaches to distributing software and will make a case for whether Drupal as a project needs to adapt to some of these approaches to remain competitive.

Audience: Business Decision Makers, Back End Developers, System Administrators

Alexar Pendashteh profile photoBio - Alexar Pendashteh: Alexar believes technology can empower people and that the future is something we build, not something that happens. He is a mentor, speaker, and active member of tech and start-up communities in Melbourne and Sydney. Having graduated as an electrical engineer, he changed his occupation to IT and has worked on projects of different types in start-ups, universities, and government. He advocates for a stronger Open Source small business network as a board member of Open Source Industry Australia.