High availability & performance for NSW.gov.au

Simon and Nathan will talk through the approach to high availability on NSW.gov.au which is a Drupal site in the top 1000 in Alexa rankings globally. It has a remit to provide functionality for hundreds of sites being consolidated onto it and this presents many architectural challenges.

NSW.gov.au must support a mix of heavy functionality all in one Drupal monolithic application. This requires having a plan for everything and for everything a plan. tSome areas of discussion include:

  • Keeping cache hit ratios high
  • Balancing CDN vs client-side caching
  • Managing weak points in RDS
  • Protecting Drupal from personalisation
  • Leveraging client-side apps
  • Offloading chatty requests to NoSQL
  • Minimising memory footprint of PHP-FPM 

Simon HobbsSimon Hobbs: Si specialises in consulting, training, practice management, sales engineering and technical architecture with an emphasis on Drupal CMS. He has worked with Drupal for over 15 years and has a passion for content modelling. Recently he's been working with nsw.gov.au which has an ambitious consolidation agenda for NSW websites.

Nathan ter Bogt: Nathan has development experience with PHP for 20 years and took an interest in Drupal 15 years ago. He’s since been active in the community through meetups, slack and maintains around 10 community modules. Nathan has an active interest in drupal devops and running Drupal at scale, which can be seen in the modules he maintains.