Sector + Gatsby - taking a distribution decoupled

Sparks have built a number of fully and partially decoupled sites using our Sector distribution and Gatsby. Sector was designed as a sitebuilder-first Drupal distribution with a lot of control in config for admin users. Publishing decoupled to a Javascript frontend has a different set of constraints and challenges for formatting of published content, as well as some key strengths. Sparks will showcase learnings from the last 3 years publishing business critical sites using this toolset.

Audience: Business Decision Makers, Content Editors, Site Builders, Front End Developers

Marco Guidetti profile photoBio - Marco Guidetti: In a career spanning decades, Marco has developed a range of web solutions including custom content management systems, accounting software and e-commerce solutions. Working with Drupal at Sparks since 2015, Marco provides backend development and leads the DevOps practice across the wider team.

Gareth Poole profile photo

Bio - Gareth Poole:

Gareth is a specialist in front end design and development, and works with design and technical teams to determine the best responsive solutions for our clients.

Working since 2018 in React and Vue, Gareth has delivered a number of API integrations and fully decoupled web builds using Sector as the CMS appliance and Gatsby to produce websites and mobile apps.