The DrupalSouth Splash Awards will be an annual event run as part of the DrupalSouth conference in Australia and New Zealand. DrupalSouth Wellington 2023 will be the inaugural Splash Awards event. These awards are being organised by the DrupalSouth Steering Committee and will be judged by an independent panel of experts. 

Splash Awards is a global initiative which began in Europe in 2014 and has since spread to many other regions including the US, Switzerland, Romania, and many more.

The Drupal South Splash Awards is an opportunity for Drupal agencies and developers within Australia and New Zealand to showcase their unique capabilities. The Awards recognises and rewards outstanding Drupal work in each one of 6 categories:

  • Corporate: Websites that serve as online identities for businesses, organisations, or professional individuals
  • Design/UX: Websites and experiences where visual design is intended to be beautiful, emotional, and appeal to the senses.
  • Non-profit: Websites for charities and charitable organisations whose primary purpose is helping people or other worthy causes.
  • Education: Sites that are educational, promote education, or provide online curriculum or education services
  • Government: Websites and platforms developed for any level of government. Political movements also fall within this category.
  • Publishing: Websites which focus on content-driven platforms. The platform invites you to immerse yourself in the content

The submission deadline for the Corporate, Design/UX, Education, and Publishing categories have been extended until 11:59PM April 20 (NZST) to allow for more entries in those categories. 


March 1 -Submissions open  
April 6 - Call for submissions closes  
April 20 - Submission extension for Corporate, Design/UX, Education, and Publishing categories
April 21 to April 30 - Judging process   
May 17 - Award Ceremony


  • All Winners and Nominees are able to use the Splash Awards logo in their own communications and marketing. 
  • Judging panel members are required to keep their membership on the panel confidential until the voting process has concluded. 
  • Any judging panel member whose current or recent employer, affiliate, partner, or other associated entity who has a submission in a given category is not permitted to cast any vote on any submission in that category. 
  • Any judge who is found to have breached confidentiality or an undisclosed conflict of interest will be removed from the panel and their votes voided. 
  • Fractional scores are allowed (for example, a panel member may award a score of '5' or '5.5' at their discretion. 
  • Final scores are tabulated by the Committee and are not published
  • DrupalSouth Steering Committee members and DrupalSouth Wellington event volunteers are not permitted to influence or alter the voting outcomes for any category, other than to disqualify the votes of any judging panel member found to have an undisclosed conflict of interest. 
  • An organisation may make only 3 submissions across all categories. This includes submissions made from subsidiaries or affiliated organisations. 
  • A website may be submitted across multiple categories, but each of these counts as 1 submission and counts towards the overall limit of 3 total submissions. 
  • A NZD $50 fee (excluding GST) applies for each submission. 
  • Any agency or developer may submit one submission in the Non-Profit category for free
  • Submissions who are not shortlisted as nominees are not permitted to use any Splash Awards collateral or marketing materials. 
  • Submissions must be live and in-use websites which are expected to remain online for at least one year after the award ceremony. 
  • If a category receives fewer than 4 submissions, it will be removed from the event and any submission fees refunded. 
  • To avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest, any organisation which directly sponsors the award ceremony may not make any submissions.