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Development track is dedicated to providing developers with the latest insights and techniques on how to develop and maintain Drupal-based applications. The  track emphasises the importance of development in driving Drupal implementations and bringing together all the other pieces of a website or application. It encourages participants to share their personal and organisational experiences in developing Drupal projects.

  • "Development tips and tricks" covers a wide range of topics such as best practices, strategies, and techniques that can help developers to optimise their Drupal projects. It may include tips on improving site performance, migrating websites from Drupal 7 and 8, and ensuring compatibility with different devices and platforms.
  • "Module insights" focuses on exploring different Drupal modules, themes and their functionalities.  This presentation should help participants to gain a deeper understanding of the various modules available and how to use them effectively in their projects.
  • "Hands-on tutorials" provides participants with practical knowledge and skills on how to develop Drupal applications. This may include workshops, demos, and other interactive sessions that allow developers to learn by doing.
  • "Building Drupal 10/11" is focused on the latest version of Drupal and how to build applications with it. Participants will learn about the new features, functionalities, and improvements introduced in latest Drupal releases, how to contribute to Drupal core and how to leverage them in their projects. This topic is particularly relevant for developers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest Drupal developments and ensure their applications remain competitive and relevant in the market.




We are surrounded by many of tools and technologies. While Drupal helps move the Internet forward, there are plenty of tools that compliment Drupal. In this track we want to hear about: 

  • Other PHP and front end libraries and frameworks
  • Cloud insights & CI/CD tools
  • Operations, security and testing tooling and analysis
  • Benchmarking, monitoring and logging tools




By taking a user-centric approach to information architecture, interface design and content strategy, organisations can establish a significant competitive advantage. We invite speakers to share their stories, strategies and tactics across themes including:

  • User research, strategy and experience
  • Balancing business goals and user needs
  • Design systems and style guides
  • Content strategy and workflows




Good project management hinges on the constant improvement of processes which enable the best quality of deliverables and human interactions in a technical world and leads to real world success (or disaster!) stories. We want to encourage sessions that will speak to business leaders, project & product managers in order to share our skills, results and learn from one another, including:

  • Project management methodologies and experiences
  • Digital transformation case studies and best practices 
  • Research projects and community leadership and initiatives
  • Project estimation and planning techniques
  • Scope, risk, and change management strategies