DruxtJS; An introduction to decoupling with Nuxt and Drupal

Presented by: Stuart Clark, Realityloop
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes

DruxtJS is an open source bridge between two Frameworks, NuxtJS and Drupal, with the ability to leverage Drupal’s own Entity/Field display system, Block regions, Views and more.

As the project nears maturity, Realityloop’s Brian and Stuart seek to engage with the web development communities at large to ensure that DruxtJS can meet the growing needs of users and developers.

In this session we will demonstrate:

  • How to connect your Frontend to your Backend with the DruxtJS Site module.
  • How to use the Vue.js Slot based themeing system.
  • How to build Campaign sites with Druxt components.
  • How to build a a Vue.js application that consumes Drupal’s data.

More information on how to use and get involved with DruxtJS can be found at the following locations: