How to classify & sort more than 200 documents in a single bulk upload

Presented by: Andre Kakos & Queenie Robertson, Morpht
Level: Intermediate
Length: Full 20 minutes

The Attorney-General's Department supports the technical and content management for several Royal Commissions. A common request is for the timely publishing and management of numerous documents tendered before or at public hearings - 200 documents or more in some instances. With a series of hearings taking place all around Australia, the pressure on the publishing team to manage these uploads presented some challenges.

In this session we discuss the solution for the Bulk Upload and management of a large number of documents in GovCMS.

  • How to classify and sort documents in one bulk upload process?
  • How to deal with different file formats of the same document ?
  • How to run a publishing workflow to gain legal sign off before publishing?
  • How to handle the versioning of files when a legal update is required?
  • How to present those documents in different views on different pages (hearings, document library)?
  • How did we make the complex simple and work around limitations?