Managing large (and smaller) site portfolios with Lagoon Insights

Presented by: Toby Bellwood,
Level: Novel topic - suits all levels
Length: Full 20 minutes

As the custodian of a Drupal site, ensuring that your site is patched, updated and running tip-top is pretty easy (right?). What if it's 10 sites, 100 sites, 1000 sites - how does that process scale - how do you scale? has a number of "platform owner" type clients, who have responsibility for many sites (potentially in different geographical and physical locations), and as this is a problem we've encountered many times - we've integrated tools into Lagoon to ease their burden.

In this session, I'll cover a few of the solutions that we've developed with our customers as part of Lagoon and made available to help handle the issues around platform management at scale. We've integrated full security vulnerability scanning - not just Drupal vulnerabilities, but also full Composer and npm dependency scanning, as well as container level/OS and image scanning - and wrapped it into a customer-facing interface complete with customisable notifications. We've also implemented two complementary tools to automate and surface project and environment level information and metadata, which can then be used to effectively audit your site holdings, and target any necessary remediation work.