DrupalSouth Steering Committee Election Results 2022

Wednesday 26th October

The  results for the DrupalSouth steering committee election were announced publicly at DrupalSouth Brisbane, so congratulations to the successful candidates!

Margery Tongway and Michael Richardson will assume their seats in November 2022, replacing Janna Malikova and Sohal Khatwani.

Julia Topliss and Chris Burgess will assume their seats in May 2023, replacing Kristy De Vries and Owen Lansbury.

Dave Sparks will continue as the steering committee chair until November 2024.

The election was promoted via community channels from 29 September to October 14, and resulted in 117 Australia and New Zealand Drupal community members voting. The vote was structured to ensure the committee maintains a balance of representation from both regions and strong female participation.

A big thanks to everyone that nominated themselves and the departing committee members.

You can stay abreast of the steering committee's activities via the DrupalSouth website.