DrupalSouth Steering Committee - 2022 Election

Thursday 29th September

Thank you to all the nominees standing for seats on the DrupalSouth Steering Committee in 2022 - we have an awesome list of engaged and experienced people to help drive Australia and New Zealand Drupal community events and initiatives forward! Read the candidates' profiles below, then cast your vote »

Voting is for members of the Australia and New Zealand Drupal community and closes at midnight (AEDT) on Friday 14 October 2023.

As per the original committee election guidelines, the following process will occur:

  • The only two New Zealand nominees, Dave Sparks and Chris Burgess, will automatically assume seats to represent NZ on the committee. Dave will continue in his role as committee Chair from November 2022, and Chris will take up Nicole Ritchie's former seat in May 2023, based on its original term length. This ensures that terms are always staggered for continuity.
  • The election will be for 3 seats, one commencing in November 2022 and two in May 2023. In order to maintain a balanced committee, the first two seats will go to the highest voted female candidates. The third seat will be for the highest votes for any candidate regardless of gender or location.
  • All terms are for two years from the seat's commencement date. The next election will be held in September 2024.
  • Any candidates who miss out on a committee seat are still able to volunteer on working groups and other DrupalSouth initiatives.

The candidate profiles for the election are in alphabetical order as follows:

To submit your vote, please complete this form by Friday 14 October »